Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Choosing Simplicity

We have all heard about living more simply, and everyone has their own definition of what that is.  I have been "looking into it" for a couple of years now.  The thing about choosing simplicity is that you have to actually be ready to do it.  Just like an alcoholic, drug addict or someone with an eating disorder, you cannot change simply because people say you should.  You have to be ready and willing to do so.  And it's not easy.  What?!  Living simply isn't.... simple?  Not at first.  It takes effort and organization.  Once it is in place, just like any habit, it becomes second nature.

Yes, I heard what you just said.... "I don't have time"!  Bull feathers!  I used that excuse for years.  I had the time..... I just wasn't using it wisely.  And when I started thinking about what I should do, just the thought of it was so overwhelming, I did something else to escape it.  I got wrapped up in so many activities, books or even TV shows, that I simply "didn't have the time" to become more organized or change the way I lived.

My first step was deciding with a friend to have a yard sale.  (huh? I know, stay with me)  I had so much stuff everywhere that it was again, overwhelming to my organizational wants.  And because I decided to do it with a friend, I had a commitment that was harder to back out of.  I started by going room by room to rid things out that I didn't use or need.  And once again I got overwhelmed by all the places I had stuff to go through and I wanted to shut all the doors and drawers and just veg out in front of Investigation Discovery.  But the date was getting nearer and I was GOING to do it.  So I "simply" got out a notebook and started writing down every drawer, cabinet and bin I needed to go through.  Here's an example of our master bath....
my small drawer (in the vanity)
his small drawer
under the sink
top door of linen closet
bottom door of linen closet

Then I told myself I could read a chapter of a book in between each one.  Or do only one item very day after work, and one item every day after dinner.  I still got through the items, got to watch TV, and didn't feel overwhelmed.  In fact I felt pretty good getting to cross all that stuff off the list!  After doing a few rooms this way, I saw the fruits of my labor piling up and wanted to do more and more all at once.

The sale went really well.  I made over $800 dollars!!  Then here is the grand finale.  As we tore down from the sale, we made our list of leftover items, took them straight to Goodwill, and they never came back into the house!  Yes siree, that sale really inspired me.

So also is the Bible study I'm working on..... Choosing Simplicity, a Women of Faith study guide series.  God didn't intend for us to live with all this clutter in our lives, both physically and in all the activities we bury ourselves in.

Frugal Franny is my sharing, and holding myself accountable to developing this lifestyle.  I hope it helps you too, and please share your ideas with us as well.

Until next time..... Zechariah 8:17b... Keep your lives simple and honest

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