One Year To An Organized Life

If you aren't starting this journey in the first week of January, read the intro and January and February to get a feel for the idea then start on whatever week it is when you are ready to start.

Jan Wk 1: Why am I Like This? Time Questions
Jan Wk 2: Creating Schedules and Routines
Jan Wk 3: Kitchen Questions
Jan Wk 4: Whip Your Kitchen Into Shape
Feb Wk 1: Bedroom Questions
Feb Wk 2: Get to the Bottom of Your Closet
Feb Wk 3: Take Time for Your Space
Feb Wk 4: Create a Bedroom You Love
Catch Up Week
Mar Wk 1: Home Office Questions
Mar Wk 2: Save Time
Mar Wk 3: Make a Plan
Mar Wk 4: Say Good bye To Piles
Apr Wk 1: Sing a New Song
Apr Wk 2: Goo and Gunk Be Gone
Apr Wk 3: Reinvent the Space
Apr Wk 4: Watch Your Personal Spa Appear
Catch Up Week #2
May Wk 1: What's hiding in your space?
May Wk 2: Help is at hand: Resources
May Wk 3: The projects begin
May Wk 4: Call more areas to order
Jun Wk 1: Travel questions
Jun Wk 2: The travel checklist
Jun Wk 3: Before you leave the house
Jun Wk 4: Pack and Bon Voyage
Catch Up Week #3
Jul Wk 1: Who are all these people?
Jul Wk 2: Stroll down memory lane
Jul Wk 3: Treasured images
Jul Wk 4: Creating albums
Aug Wk 1: Moving questions
Aug Wk 2: Pack up
Aug Wk 3: Deal with the movers
Aug Wk 4: Moving day
Sept Wk 1: School year questions
Sept Wk 2: Kid's Rooms
Sept Wk 3: Get your kids to stay organized
Sept Wk 4: Handle obligations
Oct Wk 1: Home questions
Oct Wk 2: Has anyone seen the dining room table?
Oct Wk 3: Put some life into your living room
Oct Wk 4: The family room
Nov Wk 1: Holiday stress questions
Nov Wk 2: Make a clean sweep
Nov Wk 3: Plan the menu
Nov Wk 4: Countdown to T day
Dec Wk 1: Time to make a holiday plan
Dec Wk 2: Get your home holiday ready
Dec Wk 3: Volunteer with good cheer
Dec Wk 4: Here's to a happy new year