Monday, September 17, 2012

1 Year to an Organized Life - September Week Three

This week you can:

  • get your kids to stay organized
  • choose some chores
How awesome is the idea represented in this pic?  And this can be done very frugally.  Find some cheap frames that you love...clearance with broken glass is awesome, because you don't want the glass.  Staple or glue cork board from the back of the frame.  You can do the initial of your child as shown, or put their name near the top.  Have push pins in place, or a giant clip like shown to display todays to do list and maybe next to it those papers that need signed and sent back to school, upcoming school reminders of events, etc.  Then below the frames install oversize hooks for back backs and coats.  In the winter, I would put a mat of some sort under each hook for boots.  I don't know who came up with this idea...I just found the pic in Google images and it didn't have a link...but that person is brilliant!!

Another great way to make frames if your crafty is to buy a long piece of trim from a home improvement store and cut it down in to the size you want then paint it whatever color you want.

In this week's chapter, Regina offers suggestions for chores for your children in each room of the house and also a short guide on age appropriateness.  Let me say that once you put a schedule in place you have got to enforce it.  Too many times we give up and kids realize we don't always mean what we say so therefore they don't really have to do it.  This is the unfun part of parenting, but one of the most important things....follow through!  Regina makes some suggestions in the chapter for enforcing rules and chores.  Adapt them to your family needs as you know best what your child will respond to.

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