Monday, December 3, 2012

1 Year to an Organized Life - December Week Two

This week you can:

  • tune up your home for guests
  • bring out the decorations
  • hit the stores

Declutter before you decorate!  For me this entails putting away a lot of framed pictures.  I just happen to have a drawer in an end table that has room for most of them.  The cabinet part of my entertainment center holds a few knick knacks and other framed pictures.  Another idea: take down all the knick knacks and framed pictures that will be in the way for decorating and place them on a table or some other out of the way place.  Then decorate, and when finished, put the knick knacks and pictures in the boxes and bins used to hold your decorations.  Then when it's time to take down the decorations you just work backwards.  Take the pictures out of the bins and place them on the table. Put decorations back in the bins. Place pictures back where they go.  No need for extra storage boxes or space.

Your list is made so hopefully you are ready to shop...if you haven't already started.  I am done except for my husband.  Remember to stick to the list and budget or you will regret it next month!  Use the internet to "shop around" to be sure you are getting the best deal before running out to the store.  Most stores have a website so you can see the in store price and save a whole lot on gas.  Sometimes with special deals on the internet, it's cheaper to shop online and get it delivered to your house.  Just do the math'll be glad you did!

One extra tip:  when you are done shopping this year (if you don't already do this) add up everything you spent and how much for each person.  Now add this amount into your budget for next year so there are no surprises or scraping to get by next holiday season.

Be sure to read the chapter for other great tips from Regina!

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