Monday, October 22, 2012

1 Year to an Organized Life - October Week 4

this week you can:

  • make the family room more fun to be in
  • share the fun; get a chore
  • learn how to organize the most common items stored in the family room
I love the pic of this room.  The adults can watch TV in one side of the room but still have a view of the kids playing on the other side and kind of back behind the TV so the noise shouldn't bother either group.

This is the room where the real living is going on.  Wonder who decided to call the other room the living room?  This is the place to be comfortable, be entertained and have fun.  That doesn't mean it has to be a mess all the time though.  Remember, everything has a place and everything should go back to that place when you are done with it.

Not everyone has a space in their home shaped like that in this pic.  Some of us don't even have a separate room for this, we've got a family/living room.  Whatever you decide to do with this space be sure that it is functional and not just overcrowded and cluttered.  No one will have fun then.

Be sure to read the chapter this week.  Regina gives some great ideas for organization solutions for most any reason you can think of in this room.  Hidden storage is the best, in my opinion.  I love the cabinet that is used for the TV in this pic.  Two big drawers.  These could hold games, remotes, DVDs, maybe even some of the toys you see strung out on the other side of the room.  In our house, we store the batteries here since the remotes are what use the most batteries anyway.

Another great hidden storage solution is the foot stool that has a lid for the top.  This is a great place for blankets, pillows and again games.

Look around.  What hidden storage do you already have?  What could you add?  Are you using it effectively?  Do you really need to store everything that is in there or do you need to eliminate?  Speaking of, I've got a box of hidden storage that I need to go through, and I might as well do it right now!

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