Monday, October 1, 2012

1 Year to an Organized Life - October Week 1

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This week you can:

  • take a tour of the rooms you share with others
  • make a quick diagnosis of the story these common rooms tell friends and family
  • develop specific goals for each room

From October to the end of December we have basically one holiday after another.  If you like to entertain...or even if you don't but it's your's time to make sure that all common rooms of the home are ready for company.  For that matter, even if there is no company, it feels so much better to always be "company ready" let's get to that point and keep it that way!!

This week is very simple.  We are back to some journaling questions.  To prepare to answer the questions with thought, the next time you are out of your home for a little while (a walk, a trip to the store) when you come back, walk in to each common area of your home, and try to look at it with new eyes or the eyes of someone who has never been there before.  Just stand there in the living room, dining room, family room, or whatever room and look around at everything ceiling to floor.  Then go sit down and answer the journaling questions Regina has for us this week.

It sounds a little silly to some, maybe, but it really is a very valuable tool to decide what stays, what goes, what needs fixed, what needs changed, etc.

Let me remind you of the one touch rule at this point.  Remember, if you touch it, you are responsible for putting it away, cleaning it, throwing it away, etc.  No setting something down and then saying I'll get to it later.  So many times later never happens and before you know it you have quite a pile of things that you are going to get to later.  If everything is taken care of immediately it usually only takes seconds.  If it turns into a big pile, it can sometimes take hours, require more elbow grease, and give us a yucky feeling.  Don't believe me?  Time yourself and see...then go with what works best for you.  But trust me when I say you will feel much better all the way around to take care of something immediately.  Oatmeal in a bowl, just eaten, or oatmeal in a bowl 8 hours later....'nuf said.

Until Next Time.....

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