Monday, November 26, 2012

1 Year to an Organized Life - December Week One

This week you can:

  • journal about holidays past
  • check your calendar to see what you can reasonably add to your schedule
  • plan parties, card and/or gifts
  • consider tools that lighten your load

Americans are great at being busy, and it seems like this is the time of the year that we double everything we do.  It doesn't have to be that way, we can learn to enjoy this season instead of stressing over it.

Begin by answering the journaling questions at the beginning of the chapter.  Some of you like to skip over this section, but I have always found some helpful nugget every time I have done them.

You don't have to do it all!  Check your calendar.  As soon as you know each activity you WANT to attend mark it on your calendar.  Also mark the days when gifts must all be purchased, cards must me sent, etc.  Then DO NOT OVERBOOK!!  Your calendar will be your best friend this season, if it isn't already.

If you are planning a holiday party or meal, use what you learned in November to plan this one as well.  If you did it last month, it's going to be twice as easy this time.  

About cards...some people don't do those anymore.  Some people address the envelopes before Thanksgiving, then sign and mail by December 1.  Some people send a picture greeting and some people write a family letter.  Regina offers a few other ideas in the chapter.  Decide what you would like to do and schedule it in...yes schedule it, or it will get lost in the shuffle.

Gift shopping!  YIKES!!  If you haven't already, start planning this week.  Make your list, shop the sales ads, and make a plan.  Again this needs scheduled in or you will be grabbing last minute items that people may not want and overspending at the same time.  I usually start in October or early November especially if I know exactly what people on my list want.  That gives me plenty of time to watch for sales.  I don't enjoy the black Friday rush, so it is important to me to get it done before then if possible.

While you are shopping, if you don't already have a stash, be sure to make a list of what you will need to wrap those gifts and any boxes you might need if they are to be shipped.

I can't believe we are in our final month!  How did your year go?  Are you heading into this season stress free or are you still juggling? Hopefully you have things under control, or soon will!

Until Next Time.....

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