Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Coming in 2013 - Get a Life

Another Bible study we will be doing on Wednesday's in 2013 is Vicki Courtney's Get a Life: Debunking 6 myths for the quest for contentment.  Here is the blurb from Lifeway's website:

Get a Life! by Vicki Courtney counteracts misguided concepts in our culture that can drive women-even those who know Christ-toward a less-than-abundant life. Myths such as "If I follow Christ, my life will be trouble-free" and "If I could just meet the right guy, I would be happy." And although women may know that fulfillment is not found in a remodeled kitchen or new pair of shoes, these false ideals may still impact them more than they realize or care to admit.
This Bible study confronts the worldly perception of what it really means to live "an abundant life" and shows how women can find true abundance. Vicki Courtney's signature high-energy, engaging style makes this resource ideal for women of all ages, even collegians. Text includes leader notes in back.

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