Monday, July 30, 2012

1 Year to an Organized Life July Week Four

This week you can:

  • make your photo albums
  • investigate scrapbook albums
  • shop for supplies
If you look at last week's post, in the picture inside that tub you can see 2-3 photo albums.  Those particular albums are the pocket kind.  You can slip 2 4x6 photos into each page and also on the back.  It worked for me at the time I created them, and it was fun to flip through them and laugh at the pictures and memories.  My problem with these albums now is that with my "condition", memories are sometimes lost in the fog.  I need scrapbooks where I can journal next to the photo to remind me of what was going on in that particular picture.  You could also create a photo album digitally if you did not want to take up the space with a book.  There are benefits for sharing with people who are also digitally inclined, but not so much with people who are not up on technology.

Scrapbooks: the possibilities are endless!!  My mom had a scrapbook that was two leather-like covers with large pages....bigger than today's standard 12x12.... of grey paper that reminded me of the manilla, somewhat rough paper you were given in Kindergarten to color on.  There really weren't that many pictures in here, there were more scraps of paper, movie tickets, programs to plays, etc. and then you just wrote or journaled directly on the page to remind you of the event.  Today we have various sizes, fancy paper background, sheet protector sleeves for the book, embellishments, I could go on and on.  To someone new to the concept it can be very overwhelming.

In the above pic you see 2 scrapbooks page kits for an 8x8 album.  I like this size the best.  12x12 can get very unwieldy in my hands and can be difficult to place on a book shelf.  I'm not a very creative person, so I love these page kits.  They come with everything you need except your pictures and memorabilia.  The packaging even gives you layout ideas.  All I have to do is slap it together and put it in an album and I'm done.  I also like entire scrapbook kits.  I've already done a couple of these.  This comes in a box with the album and all of the things you need for all of the pages for the entire album along with suggestions for laying out each page.  Again, just slap it together and your done and it looks waaaaay better than anything I could have tried to come up with on my own!

If you like that idea but can't find the whole scrapbook kit, you can buy an album you like and enough page kits, as shown in the photo, of the same style to fill the whole album.  I have done it both ways.  You can usually find great coupons in the paper or online for your favorite craft store, so just see whichever way ends up being the best deal and the style you will like.

Again, this is something that can be done digitally.  Places like have a ton of different albums in different sizes.  Pick one then digitally layout your pictures on the "pages".  You can then get a hard copy printed, AND printed in multiples so you can give the exact same album to family members.  Or these albums can also be kept on your computer so you can look at your "album" online. Choose whichever is best for your likes and lifestyle.

Don't worry that you may not get these done in one week.  Just get started with sorting things to go into each album or maybe even buying all of your supplies.  You can spread out the work on rainy days or set aside a certain amount of time per day or week to work on them.  As I said last time, I'll be working on most of mine next month since I won't be moving.

I'd love to see any album you might get done.  Post your pics to the Facebook page and share with all of us!

Until Next Time.....

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