Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Princess Unaware Week Two

Princess or Peasant?

Haven't we all wondered this....more than once in our lives?  Well, let me tell you that you are a Princess....and here are a few more truths from Chapter 2:

  1. you are a part of God's family (p.40)
  2. God has also made you an heir (p.40)
  3. we are loved by God (p.40)
  4. God wants a relationship with you (p.41)
  5. He always wants what's best for us (p.41)
  6. the only opinion we need to care about is God's (p. 44)
  7. God sees you (p.44)
  8. God knew you would be His by divine plan (p.44)
  9. God picked us to be His daughters (p.45)
  10. we have total access to the King (p.45)

How do these truths make you feel, especially in light of the lies of this world?  It makes me feel a whole lot better knowing that I am not the sum of the lies and opinions of other people, that I am important to Him.  However, that does not mean we can sit back and say that nothing else matters.  No, we do have privileges in this world but also responsibilities! 

Right now, my privileges are being able to not work outside the home, and living in America, being able to express my opinion without fear of death.  But I also have responsibilities.  I do all the housework, pay the bills, do all the shopping and cooking, and balance the budget and the checkbook to name a few.  What about you?  Think about your privileges and responsibilities. 

We also have privileges and responsibilities with God.  Obviously the biggest privilege ever is our eternity in Heaven with our creator.  Our responsibilities include things like living as Christ taught us and keeping and sharing God's Word.  There are a lot more.  Can you find some in the Bible?  Of course there are a lot more privileges or rather gifts that God gives us.  Check out Ephesians 1:1-9 (p.57).  He gives us spiritual blessing, He chose us to be holy and blameless, He predestined us, He blessed us, He gave us redemption, forgiveness and grace, and He let us know His will.  

Isn't God good?  How can we be discouraged when we know all of these things?  Yes, that's a rhetorical question.  I still get discouraged sometimes too, because we live in this fallen world.  But just remind yourself of these truths during those times....and all the time for that matter.  Those moments of discouragement will be further apart....that's another truth!  List out the truths that you find in the Bible that really speak to you, on index cards and carry them with you or post them in prominent places.  We all need some reminding once in a while.

Until Next Time.....

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