Thursday, July 19, 2012

Princess Unaware Week Three

The King and I: Knowing our Father

And the most important thing we need to know about our Father is His love for us.  He always loves us and always wants what is best for us.  This can be a hard concept to understand, but think about yourself as a parent, if you are one, or a similar situation if you are not.  Your child can do something really bad, but you still love him and want what's best for him.  Multiply that by 10,000 and you'll start to get the idea of how much God loves you.  And His love never runs out.  He doesn't just give up one day and say He can't stand you anymore, HE ALWAYS LOVES YOU!!

You also need to know that God is faithful, God is Sovereign, and God always listens....always.  I like to think of God as an invisible best friend who is always at my side.  I talk to Him while I'm driving, while I'm cleaning my house, while I'm grocery shopping, etc.  I know that there was a time in my life where I had heard all of these things many times, but it just didn't sink in; I didn't think I was good enough.  It will sink into everyone at different points in our lives; I can't make you get it.  But keep reminding yourself....that's what I had to do.  I read the same passages and verses over and over before I finally realized that maybe I wasn't good enough for certain people, but I am good enough for God.  That's doesn't mean I'll skate through life saying nothing matters because I'm good enough for God, because what really happens is that once you realize it, you actually want to do the absolute best that you can at everything, just like it says in Colossians 3:23.

So what about you?  in what area of your life or situation you are in is God asking you to trust His love, Faithfulness and Sovereignty knowing that He will listen to you?  Think about it and ask Him for help in that area.  And get ready for it to will feel so much peace when it does!

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