Friday, September 28, 2012

Deviled Eggs

This is one of my Grama's recipes (nope, that's not mis-spelled, that's how I say it) so you know what that means?  Yep, no measurements!!  I know that's frustrating to some of you, but this way you can get as much sweet or as much tang as you would like.  Enjoy!!

Here is everything you need.
miracle whip
white vinegar
hard boiled eggs, cooled
a plate and knife to cut them in half
a bowl and fork for mixing
a sandwich or storage bag
a container or plate for the finished product

  • Start by cutting each egg in half longways and placing the yolk in the bowl.  Place the empty white on your egg plate.
  • Once you have all of the yolks, start mashing them with a fork until you have a very small crumble.  If you like a "runnier" filling, you could add a little water right here so that you make the yolks into a paste.
  • Add miracle whip and mustard to taste.  I usually have about 2/3 miracle whip to 1/3 mustard.
  • Once you have the consistency and taste at this point, splash in a little vinegar...not much at all, maybe a spoonful...and then sprinkle with just a little sugar, again maybe a spoonful.  Go back and forth with these two ingredients until you get the balance of sweet and tang that you like.
  • Take your sandwich or storage bad and snip off one lower corner with scissors.  We are going to use this as a piping bag.  Put all of your yolk mixture in the bag and squeeze it down to the opening.
  • Fill all the whites with your yolk mixture.  Garnish if you like.

Until Next TIme.....

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