Monday, April 22, 2013

Generate Income

The key to generating more income is being willing to do whatever it takes.  Using the resources and abilities you have there are ways that you can make money from home or pick up a part time job.  Remember that, depending on your situation, this may only be temporary and you'll need to put up with any inconvenience it may cost you in order to get on the right track with your finances.  You may lose out on playing on a recreational sporting team, you might need to give up a weekly book club meeting, or you may even need to lose a little extra family time for a little while.  Then again, you might enjoy what you are doing so much, it may become your regular job or part time job...that "me" time we are always looking for.  Here are just a few ideas.

  1. Do web or blog design.  If you are savvy in graphic design, there are plenty of people and businesses out there that need you.  Even if you only made blog templates or backgrounds, the number of blogs out there are staggering.  I'd pay $20 for a simple layout design.  And if I would, at least 100 other people out there would as well (as you can see by visiting a bunch of blogs and seeing how a lot of them are using the same design) That's $2000 for designing something only once.  Web design can run much higher, but there is also a lot more work involved designing every page within it.  If you have these skills you can easily make some extra money.
  2. Make jewelry, or any other crafty kind of thing.  I have a lot of friends who have a "store" on ETSY selling their homemade crafts from jewelry to cards to knitted things.  They also sell some on Facebook and local craft events.  They really love creating things, so it's a win win to also be able to sell them.  Beware of starting a new hobby, though.  Start up costs can be expensive depending on what you want to do and you want to be sure you can make money before you sink a lot into supplies.
  3. Maybe you are a good photographer.  Your options are many.  You can take photos for friends and family for events or Christmas cards or senior pictures.  Maybe you can get hired to cover an event for a company.  You can also sell photos to stock companies online.  Just be sure to know all of the ins, outs, and longterm benefits to each option.
  4. Can you sew?  If so, I'm jealous.  I have tried and's just not my thing.  Making clothes, bags, scarves and other things is really big.  I know a few stay at home moms that make money on the side by sewing 3-4 of the same outfits they are already making for their child and then selling them.  They will also take custom orders.  And people like me would be happy to have something that fits just us.
  5. Maybe you can do some kind of online work from home.  I've heard of people writing reviews and doing editing from home.  Just check everything out first, and be sure you know all of the fine print.  Anything that asks you to pay money to "work" is probably not what you need right now and might be a scam anyway.  Check out legitimate well known companies for this kind of work.
  6. Paint!  Not only inside walls of someone's home, but maybe crafts of some sort.  Whether it be on canvas or repainting furniture to resell, find what you love, are good at, and don't put a lot of money into up front.
  7. Maybe you are really good at that would be me!  I have helped a few people completely re-do their closets.  Now that I know I'm kind of good at it and have a system, I can branch out from friends and family and make a little money doing this.  Maybe your specialty is organizing paperwork to make tax time a breeze.  I know some people who would pay for that service!
  8. Clean homes.  We all know HOW to clean, but do you LOVE to clean?  Because there are plenty of people who don't!  Plus, if you can beat the prices of the companies and save people money, everyone wins.
  9. Use your job or everyday skills to fill needs.  Maybe you are a personal trainer.  Get a group of people together from church to lead a class and charge them a lower group rate for an evening or Saturday.  Maybe you are very knowledgeable in the job market.  You could help people find a new job, tell them what skills they need to improve or help them write resumes.  Maybe you have a teaching degree...consider tutoring.  Look around at what holes you see in people's lives or what kind of things you see on the internet.  How can you fill any of those holes for people and make some extra income?

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