Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Live Faithfully - Week Ten

What you don't know can hurt you
James 4:11-17

Highlights from this week:
  • when we judge others, we are really saying they deserve to be condemned
  • Christians are built up by good speech
  • the law is a great equalizer - we are all guilty
  • the problem occurs when God is left out and His will is not considered
  • 2 reasons why it is foolish to plan without God: 1. ignorance of the future 2. the brevity of life
  • failing to consult God ultimately leads to failure
  • to believe in God yet not consult Him, reveals that He is not your main thing
  • what is the proof of knowing God's will? ceasing to copy the world and start imitating God
  • your will determines how He will respond to you
  • the more we do the will of God the more we resemble Him
  • boasting can express valid joy or it can parade one's own accomplishments
  • boasting in our pride and arrogance is evil
  • the mark of a true believe is to hate what God hates
  • knowing God's will but choosing to disobey expresses the sin of willful pride
  • with knowledge comes responsibility
  • it is sinful to know the truth and not do it
  • there's really no excuse for failing to do good
  • passively avoiding doing what's right is as disobedient as actively doing something wrong
My favorite story this week was the one told on page 230 about church camp.  The campers were given a rock to carry around and anytime they were about to judge someone they were to touch the rock then go ahead and say it if they felt that no one could throw a stone at them.  You know a stone could always be thrown at you, because we are not perfect.  And just as God gives us grace, so we too should extend that to one another.  And that's way more easy to type than to live, but I'm gonna try!

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