Monday, September 24, 2012

1 Year to an Organized Life - September Week Four

This week you can:

  • learn how and when to volunteer
  • learn step by step tips for successful projects
I found an awesome website for organizing any kind of volunteer project.  This could be used at school, say through PTA or room mothers or coordinating library volunteers, it could be used within your family, it could be used within your church, or all the way down to within just your small group.  It's very easy to use, and I have it linked permanently on the blog.  Go check it out...after reading the rest of this post!

Since this month is focused on back to school, we will talk about volunteering at school.  There are a million and one opportunities to volunteer at school, but the first thing to decide is whether you really and truly have the time to give to make it successful.  If not, you are not doing anyone a favor by saying yes then only doing a halfway job or having to quit halfway through.  So think about it carefully and think back to a previous post.  Just like your child does not need to be involved in every activity that comes along, you do not need to volunteer for every opportunity that comes along.  Pick only the things you have time for and mean the most to you and your family.

Now, if you said yes, here are Regina's 5 steps to handling a volunteer request.  Remember to read the chapter for in depth description of each step.  You will be glad you did!!
  1. thank the person who requested your help
  2. get all the basic facts: date, budget, committee, goal
  3. having a committee is vital
  4. break the event down into steps
  5. be sure steps are in chronological order
I cannot stress enough the value of number 4.  Everything in my life is broken down into steps.  Lists are awesome, they are lifesavers, and they show accomplishment...who doesn't love marking something off?!  Sometimes each section needs to be further broken down into even more steps.  This may sound like a lot on the surface, but when you do it, you will see how valuable it really is.  For one thing it makes the biggest of projects seem less overwhelming when you can take little bites out of it.

Can you believe we are ready to move on to another month?  So looking forward to October!  The first word in the chapter is "relaxing"!  Yep, can hardly wait!!

Until Next Time.....

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