Friday, September 7, 2012

Baby Shower ideas

First decide on a color scheme.  Obviously if you know the sex of the baby you go from there.  What I did was find napkins and plates that I liked, then I pulled the other colors from them.  I got these bowls and this platter for $1.50 each from a party supply store in town, and they are Melamine, so you can wash them and use them forever (or until you accidentally put one in the microwave and melt it).

I had these awesome shortbread cookies made and decorated by my neighbor to go with my color scheme.  These cookies are stinking awesome!!

As people trickle in, I used this cute elephant made by Wilton.  The index cards say "don't forget" and each guest is to write down advice for the new mom.  That gives people a little something to do while waiting for everyone to arrive.

These are the favors I made for everyone to take home.  I noticed in party supply stores that you could get really small fake bottles to fill with candy...and they were anywhere from $1.50 to $2 each. I went to a dollar store and got real ones for $1 each.  Then if this is the type of bottle the new mom uses, you could always give it to her once you ate the candy.

 As I was trying to decide how to cover my gift table ( table) I thought, hey, blankets! Then new mom gets to take those home with her to use as blankets or burp cloths or whatever.

After people wrote out their advice on the elephant card, they could come get some snacks and socialize until we were all ready to do our activity.  NO CAKE YET!!  That's for after presents!

How awesome is this cake??  A friend made this cake, and she cut out the fondant by hand to match the plates and napkins we were using.  So cool!!!

Now for the activity!  Instead of playing games, we decided to do a craft since our group of people at this particular shower like to do crafty things.  And this was really so easy.  I can't sew on a button, but I made three of these!!  We took plain onesies, scrap fabric, heat 'n' bond, and some cutouts to make awesome one of a kind onesies.  This activity was based on a series from this blog.  Check it out, they got way fancier!

Here are a few other ideas:
  • Bib decorating, same as above or with fabric pens
  • diaper shower with diaper themed games
  • scrapbook, each guest makes a scrapbook page and all mom has to do is add pictures
  • owl theme: owl supplies and decorations and gifts are brain toys and books
  • guess the baby picture, get guests baby pictures and maybe a current picture and have guests try to match them
  • theme baskets such as, nap time, bath time, play time, story time, in the car, for the diaper bag, feeding, safety, etc.
  • book shower...great for teachers, librarians or anyone who loves to read.  each guest brings their favorite children's book for the new mom and explains why it's their favorite.  These books do not have to be new, well loved is even better

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