Monday, February 25, 2013

Communicate Part 2

Here are a few ideas to help you communicate better.

  1. Designate a financial leader.  Usually in a marriage, there is one person who is better at finances than the other.  Even if that isn't the case, decide on one person to be in charge of keeping up with accounts and paperwork.  That doesn't mean the other person does nothing, there is just one person doing the detail work.  
  2. Have regular budget meetings.  During these meetings be sure to discuss things like:
    • bills to be paid
    • your spending up to that point
    • what needs to be purchased with money left at that point
    • any unexpected expenses
    • whether or not you are on track
    • how the goals are looking
    • worries or concerns from either one of you, but watch the emotions
    • any large expenses coming up that might change the plan at all
    • etc, etc, etc
  3. Consider a second account.  I DO NOT mean for you to separate your money.  This would only be if it would make your life easier such as one account would be for the expected bills that are the same amount each month and the other account could be for the variable bills and where you might save for larger purchases especially if you have an interest bearing account.
  4. Use E-mail as a form of communication if you have to.  It's not always a bad thing, especially if you are both so busy that you can only connect this way sometimes.  Also, it is a written and saved statement that you can refer back to if needed.
  5. DO NOT KEEP SECRETS.  If you have any right now lay them out on the table with set rules beforehand, such as, this is the time to be completely honest without any fear of emotional outbursts, the slate will be cleaned and we will move forward from here.  You must both agree to not lie anymore in the future and to have forgiveness for each other if someone makes a mistake.  Remember, if you aren't on the same page, this will never work.

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