Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Live Faithfully - Week Three

Triumph over temptation: James 1:12-18

Here is what I learned this week:
  • temptation is not a sin, it's what you do in response to the temptation that can cause sin
  • temptation means to put to the test, examine, or to try
  • God will give you the power you need to face temptation, promises to bless you through them, and works all things for good in your life...good according to God's will, not necessarily ours
  • God may send trials, but temptations are authored by satan and encouraged by our own sinful nature
  • we are all susceptible to temptation in three areas: bodily appetites, beautiful things and boastful pride
  • sin is a 4 step process: 1. desire, 2. deceit, 3. design, 4. disobey
  • God uses my past to define my future
We WILL experience temptation, it's all over the Bible, no one is exempt.  How we live and how we respond will define us.  There's something to think about.

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