Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Live Faithfully - Week One

I really like the idea of this study.  It will take us 12 weeks to go all the way through the book of James which is only 5 chapters long.  We won't be rushing, and that's a good thing.  Nice tiny bites to savor!

This first week we are looking at James 1:1-8.  We start with acknowledging that we are brothers and sisters with Christ and children of long as we do the will of God.  Then we jump right into dealing with trials in our life...yippee.  But, you and I know, that as long as we are alive there will be trials, so we might as well make the best of them and learn what we can from them to deal with future ones. I like how the authors classified trials into 3 categories:  spiritual, cause and effect, and mystery.  I never really thought about that before, but it's nice to have a box to put them in.

I really like what they say on page 27.  "God uses hard times not only to make us stronger but also to make us complete, a Biblical term for mature."  How mature do you feel when you're dealing with trials?  Sometimes I act my age and sometimes I kick and scream like a 5 year old!

Another good point in made on page 29.  "Patience isn't passive; it is persistence despite trouble, peace in the midst of suffering, and perseverance instead of surrender."  I guess I did see patience as passive....sit and wait.  This study is really making me think!  I like that...most days ;)  On page 31, the author says, "While He has blessed me abundantly, it's the lessons from the trials that I tend to remember."  Isn't that so true?!?

And then we get to wisdom.  I can always use more of that!!  The definition is on page 33: "Wisdom is the ability to judge correctly and to follow the best course of action, based on knowledge and understanding."

I hope you like this study, and learn as much as I am....and it's only the first week.  Please feel free to comment on what stuck with you the most.

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