Monday, May 21, 2012

1 Year to an Organized Life - May Week 3

This week you can:

  • begin your first project!!
Remember, you do not have to get everything done this month.  A few of the upcoming months probably have an aspect that doesn't apply to you so you can use that week to catch up.  Be sure to keep your goals in mind (remember the list you made on week one?).  Pencil in your plans on your calendar and start making some appointments with any other people that might need to be involved such as dumpster rental or another family member that needs to get their stuff out of your house.

Regina spends the rest of the week describing how you might plan to work through a big space, using the garage as an example.  My husband finally had some time to work in there.  I had to wait for him.  The only things I have in the garage are my bike and the truck.  Everything else is his!  I told him my goals for the space, and he did the best he could...I guess.  He did put up a bike rack similar to this.  Ours hangs a little higher, but it does have 5 bikes on it...remember, only one is mine.

Another thing that I like that he did was we had gotten some industrial shelving some time ago.  It is on one wall and he put a lot of his stuff in like size, see thru bins.  That helped a lot.  Now if he didn't feel like he needed so many power tools and toys!

The next project is finishing up the upstairs spare bedroom.  It's already looking better but isn't quite complete.  What's next for you?

Until Next Time.....

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