Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Proverbs 31 Wife - Week Thirty Two

Question #32:  What's something sweet and surprising your husband has done for you?

Ah! The tables are turned, now we get to talk about a husband that has done good.  Hmmmmm, I'm still thinking.....

Just kidding!  He did something very sweet and surprising just last week.  Being a librarian at heart, when something interests me a lot, I research it to death.  There was a book I wanted to read, but it was not at the public library, or at the local used bookstore, or at the full price bookstore.  I found it at Amazon, but I was hesitant to buy it.  We are trying so hard not to spend any extra money, and although this book would actually help me and not just be a curiosity expenditure, I couldn't decide if I should get it.  You know how Amazon works.  The book was only $10.88, but you'd have to pay shipping.  So to avoid shipping you want to spend $25.  But I couldn't come up with $25 worth of stuff that I could justify.  Yes, there's a lot more than $25 that I want but not that I need.

So my husband knows I've been talking about this book for weeks.  I placed it on my wish list so I wouldn't have to look it up every time I wanted to read the reviews and such.  Without telling me, he bought that book for me and gave it to me last Thursday.

That really meant a lot to me because I know that sometimes he is not paying attention to me when I start talking about a subject that I am really interested in.  He was this time, and he knew how much it would mean to me to be able to read what was in that book.

And that's why I keep him around ;)

Until Next Time.....

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