Monday, May 28, 2012

1 year to an Organized Life - May Week 4

This week you can:

  • complete a big organizing project from last week or move on to a new project

I finished the laundry room!  If you remember I had started "ridding" out and did the cleaning and organizing, but I still needed a window treatment.  So I got one curtain panel and a rod.  The window is smaller than others in the house, so even with just one panel on the rod it still scrunches up and hangs nicely.

The next place I hope to finish is this upstairs spare bedroom.  That's it's label anyway.  It's actually the home office and gym.  You saw a pic of my desk already.  This is the view FROM my desk.  What I couldn't get in the pic were all the hand weights and kettlebells to the right of the recumbent bike.  There is also open floor space in front of the machines and a small tv in the corner so I can follow along with workout dvds.  All this space needs is the curtain in the closet to hide the shelving unit.

In this week's chapter, Regina gives us another worksheet example as well as some cautions about not skipping over the stuff we already have stored.  I can't agree more!  This was my problem and why I decided to do this book this year.  When I was working, every summer I would go through the house and reorganize stuff that my husband and I had gotten lazy with throughout the school year.  I would also get rid of clothes and other things.  But I would get tired of it and when I came to boxes I would tell myself, oh yeah, I wanted to keep all of that and not look through it all.  This year, I have touched everything in my house so far and I have gotten rid of more than I ever have before!  It really has been freeing.  The yard sale is this weekend and I can hardly wait!  Once that is out, not only will I have a little extra cash, but then I can finish the downstairs spare room.  I am really looking forward to the entire house finally being organized!

Keep up the good work!  You can do it!  It's going to be so awesome when everything is done!!

Until Next Time.....

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