Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Proverbs 31 Wife - Week Thirty Five

Question #35: Have you ever tried to learn a new skill?  What happened?

Actually, I could entertain you with more than one story on this topic, but I'll stick with the most recent one.  My grandmother had tried to teach me to crochet when I was young and no matter how hard I tried I just COULD NOT get it!  A couple years ago I thought I would try knitting.

So, I got one of those little craft kits...for kids...where I think it would end up being a scarf.  How hard can that be?  The most basic of basics.  And it was meant for CHILDREN!

Yes, you can already guess where this was going.  I could not do it to save my life.  There was a lot of random, frustrated screaming before I finally gave up, but didn't quite give in.  OK, so I can't knit in the traditional way...

Have you seen those round looms that have little knobby pegs all the way around?  You are supposed to be able to weave the yarn in and around these pegs and end up with a knitted tube that could be many things depending on how you finished it.  So I decided to do a scarf that would be double layered.  

Good, gobilty, gook!!!  Of course, I couldn't do that right either.  I had to restart so many times I lost count.  Then once I actually got it going for quite a long time, but then, while CAREFULLY following directions, I tried to take it off the loom to finish it....and it came halfway unraveled.

Needless to say I have completely given up on the yarn arts, and had quite a few items for the yard sale I participated in shortly thereafter.

I do not plan on starting any new hobbies anytime soon!

Until Next Time.....

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