Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1 Year to an Organized Life August Week Two

This week you can:

  • meet with professional movers, even if you plan to do your own move, to gather tips and tricks
  • continue to eliminate whatever you can and get it out of the house ASAP
  • start packing if your move is soon
Box and mailing stores have tip sheets they will give you as well as telling you what size boxes are right for which items.  If you have someone like my husband in your life, they might think get a bunch of large boxes and just throw everything in....uh, NO, that doesn't work.  Professional movers will also sometimes give you some hints if you meet with them about a prospective move.  And of course there is the internet...limitless amounts of advice on the subject!!

Regina has a lot of tips in the grey box on page 205.  I've also heard some good ones from friends.  such as:
  • use foam paper plates between your own plates instead of wrapping in newspaper
  • use socks for lots of stuff! Place glasses in them, stuff them inside glasses, use them between things as a buffer and space filler, etc.
  • my favorite is this: if you are moving across town or within a decent driving distance, leave things on hangers and lay them in your back seat.  When you get there, hang them up.  Also, have a couple boxes or heavy bins to fill with your dishes, toiletries, clothes in drawers, etc. and again pack your car, take them to your new house and put them away immediately.  The one friend that did this moved a little everyday after work, and her move was completely stress free.  On the weekend all she had to have help with was furniture!
Good luck!  And don't forget to keep purging!!

Until Next Time.....

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