Monday, August 20, 2012

1 Year to an Organized Life August Week Three

This week you can:

  • learn how to find a quality mover
  • keep your movers happy
  • welcome the pod people or pack the pod
  • place furniture in advance
  • create movers alerts

Regina recommends finding a family owned business or one that has a set staff of movers.  Companies that hire people per move, or temps, run the risk of getting workers that obviously aren't invested in doing a good job all the time.  Don't forget to ask about insurance! Do they carry it?  Does your homeowners cover it?

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach...this includes your movers.  Feed them, water them and they will be happy, which in turn will make you happy.  Don't forget, they are moving all of your possessions.  We want these people happy!  And, yes, just like any other service, A tip is greatly appreciated.

This may seem like a big duh, but label everything within an inch of its life.  Have you ever moved before?  How many times that day did you hear, "where does this go?"  Also, if you are having the movers help pack up your home make signs in each room stating what you want written on each box specifically.  Again, this may be a duh as well, I mean they're packing the kitchen for goodness sake, but you'd be surprised!!  Also, think about this...I say living room, my mom says family room, and my husband says den.  Where do you want these boxes to end up?  Label, Label, Label.  And at the new house, label the rooms: this is the kitchen, this is the living room, etc.  The movers will know exactly where to place your boxes!

Think through the new home and the rooms you will have versus the rooms you have now.  Do you have more? Fewer?  What will you call them?  How will you distribute the current furniture.  Think it through, and once again, label it well.

Grab your Sharpies!!!!

Until Next Time.....

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