Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Princess Unaware Week Seven

What royal Success looks like - the princess defines her priorities

When you begin to define your priorities, remember this: the world does not define success the same way that God does!  It is time to set some things in their proper place!

Start by listing all of the things you do/are involved in/wish you could do.  Now decide what is really important in light of the fact that you are a child of God and not of the world.  Does your child REALLY need to be in a different activity every single day of the week?  I heard from an 8th grade student once about why her grades were failing.  She said it was the homework.  She had sports activities 7 days a week, then she wanted to talk on the phone with her friends sometimes, I mean you have to have somewhat of a social life.  Her problem was the homework.  By the time she was done with sports and her friends there wasn't any time to do her homework.

Then there is someone in my husband's family.  Education is supposedly extremely important and his son gets in trouble if his grades aren't up to par.  But as school began this fall, he did not like his son's schedule so he went to the school to get it changed.  You see during baseball and band seasons, his son was scheduled to take the "harder"classes.  He wanted his son to have his "easy" classes during these times.  First of all, when in life do you get to decide to have part of it easy so you can deal better with the harder part?  Second of all, if you had a top athlete with a learning disability, maybe.  This boy only played one inning in one game last year!

Except for outhouses and such, I wish I were alive in the 40's and 50's.  Social networking was actually hanging out with one another in your backyard or on the porch.  There weren't a million activities to be involved in.  Church was a little bigger priority for Christians, and being together for a meal was law.  I have friends that used to be in a Bible study with me.  One after another they slowly dropped out because of other commitments.  Church volleyball league, media ministry, or using that time to prepare for a sunday school lesson.  All good things to be sure, but are you over booked?  Are you keeping busy in the eyes of the church to look good, but really not spending any time with God for growth or prayer?  Yes, you can even do too much at church.  And this was my personal favorite for 2 ladies quitting.  They had so many things going on that the day we were doing study was the only time that they could rest and God wanted them to rest; it's in the Bible.  This is true!  But their other evenings were filled with a combo of church activity and movie or game nights.  Where's God's time, people?!

There is a lot more to this chapter, but I'm stuck on priorities.  That's not to say that mine are perfectly aligned, but I sure am trying!  Are you??

Until Next Time.....

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