Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Princess Unaware Week Nine

Slaying Dragons

So you think being a Christian is easy? PUH!!  No one ever said it would be easy and in fact, I'm pretty sure it says in the Bible that it won't be.  We will face opposition from even the most unlikeliest of sources, so beware, and be ready to slay some dragons!

Friends and family: yep, and this one hurts the most.  The ones we love will sometimes be our biggest dragons....some of you know exactly what I'm saying.  As we work harder to live like the Princess God made us to be, our friends and family may be "left behind" and will sometimes do whatever they can to hold us back with them.  And they're pretty good at it.  They know how to push our buttons to get certain reactions and then will point and smile while saying, "you see, I knew you hadn't really changed".  You would think that these would be the most supportive people in your life, and sometimes they are, but you have to remember that they like you the way you were.  They don't want you to change because it makes them look at themselves.  Sometimes we are lucky and they will join us on the journey, but sometimes we will need to leave them behind.

Then there is one of the biggest dragons of all, the one you see in the mirror every morning.  That's right, you!  We make ourselves stumble through things like being a perfectionist, procrastinating, being lazy, going along with the way things are because it's easier, and of course making excuses.  Guilty of all of those things?  Yeah, me too!  You can find verse in the Bible to help you combat each of these.  I could give them to you, but how 'bout you look them up for yourself....THAT'S how you'll slay the dragon!

And last but not least, satan himself.  I've said it before, discouragement is the biggest tool in the devil's workshop.  Once he gets us discouraged, a myriad of other feelings follow to tear us down.  Be assured of this; God NEVER uses discouragement so you can be positive this is from satan and deal with it appropriately.  All those negative thoughts about not being good enough, etc. are from satan the big liar.  Throw those thoughts out of your head and fill them with thoughts from God.  Remember, we are never separated from God nor out of His thoughts.  Let's not keep Him out of ours!

Grab your sword and let's go!

Until Next Time.....

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