Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Princess Unaware Week Six

Living your royal dream! - The princess discovers her Father's plan for her

Have you ever said to God, "you know if you would just show me the road map I would gladly follow it"?  Well, He does, just maybe not in the specific detail that we would like to see!  God put a dream in you, He created desires for you.  We just have to learn to listen to them.

Have you ever felt the urge to do something, but then talked yourself out of it, but it just wouldn't go away?  That may very well be the desire God has put in your heart.  The seed He planted of your plan sprouting and bursting to get to the sunshine.  Start thinking about it.  If you could do anything at all for the Kingdom what would you want to do?  That's your passion.  Dwell on that thought.  Is the urge overwhelming? This is probably God's plan for you!  And yes, some dreams may be in the public school system where you can change the life of a child.  You know what is right and wrong, you know what is greed and what is not.  Pray and read the Word...it will be made clear to you!

Discover your gifts by doing a spiritual gift inventory.  You might THINK you would be a teacher, but once you do the inventory you might find that your gift is really more hospitality or administration.  Most inventories will then lead you to possible jobs or missions within your gifted area.  And don't confuse this gift with a talent.  Your talent may go hand in hand with your gift, but it is not the same thing.  I have a talent for organization, which goes great with my gift of administration.  Do you see what I mean?

Once you put together your passion, your gift and your talent, you will be an unstoppable force for the Kingdom!!  But don't be discouraged if it doesn't happen this week!  I have been in seasons of growth where I did very little with my gift, but once that season was over, I had learned so much, that my gift was better than ever.  You might need to learn something first, or you might need to go through some training.  No one can tell you exactly when you will come into that perfect place of being in the plan fully, except for God, and trust me, if you are listening, He will clearly tell you when you are ready!

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