Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Free Recipe Finder Site


you enter what ingredients you have at home and it suggests tons of recipes from all over the web, for free.  You can even make exclusions if you have an allergy or simply don't like certain ingredients.  There are all different ways you can view the recipes, by entree or appetizer, etc.  There is also a tutorial to get you started.

I tried it and found a very simple recipe that I will probably try tonight, a version of chicken and Noodles that the author calls Renee Chicken.....

5-6 boneless chicken breasts
3 can of cream of chicken soup
salt and pepper
1/4 cup butter

melt butter in dutch oven
add chicken and cook.  1/2 way through add seasonings
add soup and heat to boiling
simmer 30-45 min
serve over noodles and mashed potatoes

it's a very basic recipe that needs some work, but that's what I like to do.  For example, I'll probably use my fave garlic salt combo instead of plain salt.  I will use chicken tenders instead of breasts, not only because that's what I have, but because they are more tender.  As it's heating to a boil, I will probably mash the meat up a bit so it's more bite size.  Yep, I'm ready to do this.

Until Next Time......

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