Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time Saver - Diced Potatoes

We want a homecooked meal, but don't always have time for the prep.  That's when we usually give up and go out to eat or order a pizza.  Or maybe you had a day like mine yesterday.  My husband wanted a roast with potatoes and carrots.  I asked him to check the potatoes for me to see if I needed to go to the store the next morning.  He said they were fine.  So it's time for me to start everything.  I throw the carrots in..... baby carrots.  They were cheaper than regular ones this time, and no prep, woo hoo!  I grab some potatoes and go to peel them.  I think they might be a little soft.  This thought is confirmed when, as I'm trying to peel them, they bend away from me.  Sorry Hubs, they are not fine!

What to do?  Recently, after reading some cookbooks that called for them, I started keeping southern style hash browns in the freezer.  Sometimes called home fries, they are diced.  Of course I get them when they are on sale and then they are there whenever I need them.  When your recipe calls for diced potatoes, measure these out and you are ready to go!

Keep in mind, that while this is a great time saver, it may not always be the cheapest way to go.  You'll have to figure that out at your own store.  I get the store brand when they are on sale.  Sometimes you can get a name brand on sale and there might be a coupon that came in the paper.  Even better.  Also weigh out the produce waste you usually have.  There are only two of us, so if I buy the ten pound bag of potatoes, that usually is cheaper, I have to figure out how much of it I might end up throwing away. There is no waste with the freezer potatoes.  Usually I can gauge this by the season.  I use fewer potatoes in the summer, but a whole lot in the fall and winter when I am making more roasts and soups.

The above takes a few minutes of planning up front, but once you have established the routine of your household versus the prices in your area, you're set.  For potatoes anyway!

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