Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Preparing for change

Just a quick post today.... lots to do!  So It's gotten even harder to get by on one income, heck it's hard for two!  Have you noticed the prices at the grocery store?  Most have gone up while the size of the package has gone down.  I don't know about you, but that has really messed up some of my recipes.  Let's say my recipe calls for 12oz of something, but that package has been reduced to 10oz but the price went up!  To be able to make my recipe I have to buy two packages and spend even more money.

Restaurants have gotten even worse.  I recently went to a restaurant that I hadn't been to in awhile.  I usually get the same thing every time I go.  The last time I went that meal was $7.95.  This time it was $13!!  I got a soft drink, an appetizer and a meal.  With tip, I paid $32.  For one person!!!!  I wouldn't mind paying that every once in a great while if it was the most awesome food ever and I do usually get leftovers.  But my food was room temperature, not impressed.

I've already been working on this, but this night out only confirmed my plan.  I must eat at home, and eat home cooked meals, not junk, most of the time.  Eating out will only be for special occasions.  I recently went to the grocery store to get some items that were on sale.  I left with 4 of those small plastic bags for only $23.  But, to get a full, ready to go pantry without spending a fortune will take planning.  That will be the focus of the next few posts, so stay tuned!

Until next time...... what peace, what peace for those whose confidence is Him alone.

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