Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Pantry Part One

Part one is short and sweet.  OK, to write anyway.  Take everything out of your cabinets and or pantry.  Throw out anything that's out of date or anything that has been there since Tiffany and Debbie Gibson were teen stars.... and if you just said "who?" take out anything from before you were born.  Do not mourn the loss of money when you realize how much you will be throwing out, just do it knowing you will be wiser from here on out.

Now clean all the shelves and, if there is one, floor.  While that is drying and airing out, take inventory of everything you have left and organize it.  BUT, before you put it back in, will you really use it? Take mental stock of your recipes, do any of them call for that can of jalapeno pickled black olives with the pits?  If not, get rid of that too.

Now put what you will actually use back into your pantry.  Put vegetables together, soups together, condiments together, etc.  Also be sure all the labels are facing forward for easy viewing.

Wasn't that easy?  Part two will cover pantry "basics".

Until Next time.....

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