Monday, June 25, 2012

1 Year to an Organized Life - June Week four

This week you can:

  • learn how to pack like a pro
  • pick up tips from a busy business traveler
  • get tips on car travel

Dream vacation number 4 for me; any place with nice water where we can kayak and paddleboard.  We have kayaks and I know how to do that, I'm no professional by any means, but I enjoy moving around through the water.  I really want to try paddleboarding though.  I don't know if I can do it, but I want to try!

First and one of the best tips, I think, that Regina offers is to store all your travel stuff in your suitcase.  This makes perfect sense.  There is empty space in your suitcase!  She stores her passport here.  I have travel size shampoo and etc. that I store in the bathroom, if I put it in my suitcase it would be out of my way for the everyday stuff.  Of course if you don't travel often and don't have these things, your suitcase is also a great place to store off season clothes!

I LOVE that she suggests taking underclothes with you on vacation that you were ready to throw out because you've gotten new, and then throw it away after you use it on vacation.  I just did that a couple weeks ago when I went to visit my mother!  Great minds think alike ;).  

When packing think ahead to the way contents will shift once you pick the suitcase off the bed.  Put shoes towards the bottom and fill the shoes with things like socks or underwear to save space.  Be sure to store toiletries in zip top bags in case of leaks.  You might want to take a couple extra bags if case some need replaced during travel.  

I like the "cheating" idea Regina offers about the purse.  We ladies are allowed a purse and a carry on bag on a plane.  She uses a large purse that holds her documents as well as her actual purse and a few extra things.  Good idea!  

If you are traveling by car, be sure to clean it out first and only take the things you will really need to save space for comfort and also to not weigh down the car and lose good gas mileage.  Check the spare tire and any other mechanical things to be prepared or to avoid any breakdowns.  Also have an emergency kit pertaining to where you are traveling.  Winter; have blankets, food water, candles, maybe small shovel, etc.  If you normally have things like wipes in your car be sure they haven't dried out.  

Don't let all these details drag you down and stress you out.  Plan to do these things ahead of time, literally.  Write it down on the calendar and do a little each day if pressed for time.  Then enjoy your trip stress free!  

Other tips:
  • call your bank and/or credit card company to tell them you are traveling
  • take a space saver or other bag for dirty laundry
  • take a small roll of duct tape....duct tape fixes anything
  • first aid kit, flashlight and swiss army knife (where allowed)
If you are going on a trip this year, I hope this chapter has really helped and it will be stress free and you can actually enjoy the before, during, AND after!  Next month, we can scrapbook all our photos!

Until Next Time.....

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