Monday, June 11, 2012

1 Year to an Organized Life - June Week Two

This week you can:

  • create travel lists so you understand what's really needed
  • learn how to pack a light suitcase

This pic is the next stop on my dream vacation list.  I want to go someplace with a white sand beach and blue water.  I've only ever seen the Atlantic ocean, which is kinda green or brown depending on where and what day you look at it.  But it's still the ocean....I'm not complaining!

Regina's first suggestion is making a computerized list of everything you normally would take with you on a trip.  I have always done this by hand in the past and it wasn't until last year (slow, I know) that I realized I was constantly reinventing the wheel.  So I did just this!  At the bottom I left room for trip specific things, such as if I'm just going to visit my mother I wouldn't need some of the things we might take if we ever go to the beach again.  I like her extra suggestion of then taking this list with you in your suitcase so when you are coming back home you don't forget anything.  Simple, yet brilliant!

Regina shows us a sample list that we can then use to make one specific to us, our family, and our trip.  Following that are tips for traveling with children, knowing where you are headed, and planning your wardrobe.....always the hardest part for me!!  

I'll have to talk to you later.  Funny thing, I have to pack today to go visit my mother.  I need to re-read the section on the wardrobe!  Happy planning!!

Until Next Time.....

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