Monday, June 18, 2012

1 Year to an Organized Life - June Week Three

This week you can:

  • identify things to do before you leave home
  • create a home inventory
  • prepare your home for your absence
My dream trip for this week...Vegas, Baby!! No, I'm not a gambler, I want to go for the shows and stuff.  I went there one time for just a couple days.  I went with someone I didn't really want to go with, but the trip was planned long before our kind of falling out so we went anyway.  It wasn't that great of a time.  But I did like seeing The Lord of the Dance, and the talking statues, and the water show, and the pirate show, and the white tigers, and the Coke museum, etc.  Now I would like to go and see more of these things, but this time actually enjoy myself.  

Our task this week is some final preparations before leaving the house.  We need to check out our suitcase to be sure it still works, zippers and such, and that nothing is growing in it....yep, really happened.  Make sure you have an ID tag on each piece that everyone is using.  Do you need to pack a smaller bag into your suitcase for all the stuff you plan to buy on vacation?  Do you need to buy any special items like a travel clock or jewelry case?  FYI, a hard eyeglass case makes for a great jewelry keeper for travel.  Do you plan on doing any kind of activity where you might get separated from your party?  You might want to consider some walkie-talkies.  I have a set that have come in mighty handy over the years!  What about your cell phone?  Will it work where you are going or do you need to buy a prepaid one?  Taking kids?  Make sure they have something to be entertained while traveling.  At the same time don't let the kids bring everything they own.  Tell them how much space they can fill with only their most favorite things.

The other thing to do is create a home inventory.  This could be the home you live in and/or the contents of your vacation home if you have one.  In that case the purpose is to not overpack and use the items that are in that home.  This inventory is a great tool to have on hand whether vacationing or not.  Keep it in a safe deposit box in case of disaster or theft.  One way is to take pictures then write or type out an inventory.  Another way is to slowly take a video from one end of the house to the other making comments along the way.  Just be sure you have everything on the video.

A few other things to do before you go that will make life easier when you get back:
  • clean, laundry done, trash out
  • pantry stocked with basics
  • set timers on lights, be sure all bulbs are working
  • stop mail and or newspaper
  • tell a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out
  • consider care for plants and animals
  • give someone a complete itinerary
  • unpack as soon as you get me, you'll want to do this!
Until Next Time.....

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