Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Proverbs 31 Wife - Week Thirty Seven

Question #37: What's the silliest cooking mistake you ever made?

Oh, I wish I had a video of this one to share with you, because apparently the look on my face was worth the loss of gravy for this particular meal!

I was having about 14 people for dinner including my husband and I.  I had made a large roast, potatoes, carrots, rolls, etc, etc.  BIG meal.  I organized it within an inch of its life too.  I used the oven, stovetop, and crock pot so that everything would come together all at the same time and nothing would have to be kept warm.  The only thing is, when making real gravy, you have to wait for the meat to be done to get the juices.  

Here came my brilliant idea.  To save a pot, and to not have to try to pour meat juices out of the crock pot, I decided to sit the crock pot liner on the burner and just make my gravy  in there.  All was going well, and they gravy was almost done.  We all heard a loud pop and conversation completely stopped.  I looked all around the crock pot liner and didn't see a single blemish, so I and a friend looked at everything else in the kitchen that we were using.  Couldn't find an explanation.  Back to the gravy, because it's done now, and beautifully thickened I must say, without being lumpy.  I lift the crock pot liner and a friend was holding the gravy boat so I could pour into it.  

As I lift the crock pot liner off the stove, the entire top and sides come with me, but the bottom of the liner stays there.  Well, we all know from science what a liquid, that was once in a whole container and now is not, is going to do.  Gravy spread over the entire stove top and thankfully the edge of my stove was JUST tall enough to hold in the flow so it didn't go running down the sides.  I felt like I stood there for 10 minutes with my mouth hanging open.  I just couldn't believe it.  I had checked and couldn't see any thing wrong with the liner.  But it had made a perfect clean break in a complete oval all the way around it.

I sooooo wish I had that on video.....  BTW, read the instruction booklet that comes with your crock pot.  It says not to place it on the stove. Huh.

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