Monday, June 4, 2012

1 Year to an Organized Life - June Week One

This week you can:

  • learn how to use your organizing skills to plan a trip
  • glean tips from past travel mistakes for future adventures
I will not be taking a vacation this year, and some of you may not either.  But if you are keeping a notebook, go ahead and follow the steps for this month so when you are ready to take a vacation, half of the work will already be done.  Then the rest of the month, you can go back and maybe finish an area that you didn't get to either because of time or money constraints.

So are you intrigued be the story Regina share on pages 147-148?  I am dying to know how she can travel with only a suitcase that can fit in an overhead compartment!!  I hate carrying around a ton of luggage, but I am always packing for the what if.  I can hardly wait to see what wisdom I shall gain this month!!

Once again we begin with journaling.  This is one thing you might want to do with family....because maybe you blocked out a huge vacation blunder, but you can always count on family to remind you!!  I know that on our last vacation, which was three years ago, I let my husband pick everything since he wanted to go to a place that he and his family enjoyed when he was a kid.  The only problem?  There hadn't been any improvements made to this area SINCE he was a kid!!  Our expensive accommodations were so gross!  I had a very hard time sleeping, in fact I think I got about 1 hour each night.  Lesson learned: never let my husband pick everything by himself!!

I have to laugh at the question we are supposed to answer: name 4 things you always pack and never use!  Let's see...tweezers, extra 2 sets of skivvies, that extra 4th or 5th book, and extra snacks.  I always take food wherever I'm going, and I usually do eat a little of it, but most of it I don't.  I know....I'm working on it!!

Then the research begins.  Since I am not taking a vacation this year, each of my entires will have a picture of a place I would like to go.  This week we have the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.  I have actually been there once shortly after it opened, but my sister, whom I was staying with, was pregnant for the first time and was not a happy camper.  I got one afternoon to see all the museums in DC.  Needless to say, I need to go back!

Until Next Time.....

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