Monday, March 25, 2013

Budget Benefits

Budgeting has a lot of benefits, but mostly it gives you a common vision, a guide to decision making, and a decrease in tension, especially if you argue a lot about money.

Common vision - it's not easy living month to month, and really not easy to go through expenses and realize you will both need to make sacrifices.  It is stressful to see all of your debts listed on one page and talking about how long it might take to pay them off.  But a budget is a common goal that you can work together to meet.

Decision making guide - with a budget, you begin every pay period knowing exactly how each dollar will be spent. By creating and living on a budget, you are better prepared for the unexpected, and because all of the numbers are there on paper, you can regularly measure your spending and keep finances in balance.

Decrease tension - I can imagine that you fight about money, even with yourself.  There's blame and guilt associated with every mistake.  By having a budget, the answers are there in front of you to solve any problem.  If the money is there, great, if it is not, well, decision made!

Next week, time to get down to the nitty-gritty.  You can do it!

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