Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Smelly Washer?

Front loading and high efficiency washers us about 1/3 the water as regular machines do.  The key is to use a lot less soap.  If you use the same amount of soap you always have, there won't be enough water to absorb it all, leaving a residue that will stick to the rubber rim of a front loader and all around a high efficiency top loader, which spawns mildew and the lovely smell that comes with it.

First use high efficient soap, and some say specifically for front loaders, is that's what you have.  Be sure to use the least amount that you need.  Also be sure that your machine is always balanced for proper drainage.  Fabric softener can do the same thing, so again, be sure you are using the proper amount.

If this is a consistent problem for you, once a month, run the machine on the hottest setting with bleach only.  I also leave the lid of the washer open the entire time my last load is in the dryer to let it air out and air dry.

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