Monday, March 4, 2013

Moving Mountains

To move mountains, you first have to have a vision.  I've said before that you both have to be on the same page (if you're married), you have to make a commitment, and you have to become a team.  Your commitment level has to be 100%.  You can't just say, oh, that sounds good, but as soon as the rubber hits the road, give up.  This commitment level will only be in effect if the hearts of both of you are fully invested in the out come.  So sit down together and come up with a vision you both have...where you'd like to be.

Now that you have a vision, you have to plan to make it reality.  It's time to sit down and list every single debt.  ALL OF THEM.  Big and small, maybe secret's time for it to all be laid on the table.  In preparation to write out a budget, also write down every single bill.  Don't forget those once a year ones even if they are very the safe deposit box rental, a fishing license, car tags, etc.  Every single bill.  Check to be sure you have them all by looking through a years worth of check registers and credit card bills to see what you've paid.

This isn't a long post, but the work will take you a little while.  Start with the vision, and be sure you are both on board.  Then start writing everything out.  Next week we start talking about how to knock out that debt quickly.

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