Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Live Faithfully - Week Five

Class Warfare
James 2:1-13

Highlights from this week:
  • partiality can be translated into favoritism
  • partiality refers to exalting someone on a superficial basis such as appearance, race, wealth, rank, or social status
  • we reflect Jesus' glory by developing Godly character
  • playing favorites with friends or family may cause others to stumble through jealousy and strife
  • comparing ourselves to others is futile
  • keep your eyes open to your own hidden prejudices
  • true etiquette doesn't exist to make you look good; its goal is to make others feel good
  • it's easy to love the lovely, but it's Godly to love the unlovely
  • sin of commission means doing something you know is wrong
  • sin of omission is not doing what you know is right
  • loving your neighbors requires sacrifices of time, energy, and resources
  • show how much you love God by loving your neighbor, no matter who it is
  • the works of every child of God will be evaluated resulting in reward or loss of reward
  • mercy implies compassion that withholds punishment even when it is deserved
Oh my word, this week was hard.  I could probably spend at least a month in these few verses alone.  We are all guilty of a little partiality somewhere in our lives.  The thought that it leads to sin and then to loss of mercy....yikes!  It is so easy to fall into that pattern.  Your parents don't like the neighbors so you don't like the neighbor's kids.  Your grandparents were racist so it tickles the back of your brain no matter how hard you try to be the opposite.  It's in our lives wherever we go.  I know I'm guilty of playing favorites.  I could blame it on my mother...she was very judgmental of everyone...but the fact remains that I am my own person with my own brain that knows the difference between right and wrong.  I really need to work on this!  Hmmmm....who can I love this week?

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