Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Live Faithfully - Week Six

Flatline Faith
James 2:14-26

Highlights from this week:
  • faith and works are to our souls what heart and lungs are to our bodies
  • by investing in good works we will reap eternal treasures
  • you can say you have faith but your actions might betray you
  • doing good works will not save us but it does prove we are saved
  • words of caring without acts of sharing are a sham
  • true love will both show and tell sincere devotion
  • Abraham's good works were a mere foreshadowing of God's best work
  • faith in man's response to God's initiative
  • God is not looking for perfect people just faithful ones
  • birth into a family of faith does not ensure salvation
  • Rahab is the only Gentile named in the Hall of Faith

I love the story on pages 140-141 about during the depression and how the son brought his father's "prayers" to the prayer meeting in the form of food and clothes....the things the people needed.  I have such a hard time explaining how important it is that faith and works go together.  James describes it much better than I.  If only people could understand that this would not even be an issue if you have true faith, because if you had true faith you would without thinking want to do those good works, it wouldn't be a chore or something to mark off the list.  It would be a natural extension of yourself.  I hope I am able to set such an example.

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