Thursday, March 28, 2013

Build Muscle Support

Chair squat
stand in front of chair with feet shoulder width apart
keep back straight, stomach muscles pulled in, and knees over ankles
slowly lower you butt toward the chair, raising your arms forward for balance
pause before actually sitting
slowly return to standing
do 3 sets of 10

Knee extension
sit in a chair with feet not touching the floor (try a stool)
grip sides for support
slowly extend left leg so it's almost completely straight, tightening thigh muscles and toe pointed to ceiling
hold for 5 seconds
slowly lower to starting position
do 3 sets of 10
repeat with right leg

Clam shells
lie on your left side in somewhat fetal position, knees bent and legs together
keeping ankles together, lift top knee and hold for 5 seconds
slowly close, like a clam
do 3 sets of 10
roll over onto other side and repeat
if you need, do on blanket or mat to cushion your spine
lie on back, knees bent, feet hip width apart, knees above heels
press feet into the floor and squeeze glutes to lift hips off the floor
imagine lifting one vertebra at a time slowly, squeezing your abs
hold for 5 seconds
do 3 sets of 10

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