Friday, September 9, 2011

Franny Answers Your Questions

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Where do I get my information?  LOTS of places!  I read a lot of magazines, but I have to say that a lot of that advice is....for me anyway....only good in theory.  But I have found some useful information in them.  What usually happens is that something sounds good, I'll try it, and invariably tweak it a little to suit my situation.  That's what you'll hear from me.

I also have gotten some info from books I have read over the years, even fiction.  A character might be talking about something in the house or cooking something and I will think that sounds like a good idea if you just did this instead.  And again, I'll try it and tweak until it works for me.

Still other information has come from classes, mostly informal, like the techniques classes that Williams-Sonoma offers in store.  I still remember a few things from home-ec as well.

I have gotten a lot of information, especially about cooking, from my dad.  I have also learned a lot of what NOT to do from my mom (sorry, mom!)  and of course a little bit here and there from grandmothers and aunts.

A few of my tips I have gotten from my friends over the years, and again, tweaked them to fit my family or situation.

Most of my recipes have come from cookbooks and magazines.  Very few have been repeated here intact; I'm always changing them a little for my tastes.  I'll be perfectly honest, only a very few of the recipes you will see here did I create on my own.  I'm pretty good at modifying, not so good at the initial creation!

Every now and then I will come across something on the internet that I might share with you, but since I am using that vehicle as well, I try to limit my information to things I have found in print or verbally and then tweaked on my own so that I am not stealing intellectual property.

And then of course a good majority of what you will find here at Frugal Franny comes from my personal experience.  A lot of times it comes from fixing a lot of my mistakes, but that's what experience is right?

All that to say, anything you see here is a work of mine in some way, if it reflects something you have seen or done it is purely coincidental....unless you taught it to me and I asked if I could use it!

Let me know if you have any further questions!

Until Next Time....

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