Friday, September 16, 2011

The Proverbs 31 wife

I recently finished reading this book.  After years of struggling with trying to be a better and more Biblical wife I was so happy to find this book.  I have done more than one study on Proverbs 31 and always ended up feeling a little disappointed with myself, but at the same time wondering, "is this chick for real?!"  The title is what gave me hope; the So Called Life part.  I'll tell you at times I felt like the author had a hidden camera in my house! Then again at other times I felt like, ha...I'm doing that right at least.  It was such a great, honest book about all of the expectations the world puts on women and those we put on ourselves as well.  I have recommended this book to my friends and I am ready to read it again.  Sara Horn is just so open and down to earth, it was an easy read and one well worth a repeat or two...probably three!  I want to do a book study with this as well, maybe online, maybe in a small group setting.  So many women need some truth just really need to read this book. And check out the Facebook page for the Proverbs 31 life.  The link is located to the left under Franny's Favorites.  Let me know what you think about it when you're done!

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