Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Freezer Tips

  • when freezing raw meat remove it from the original package and wrap it into 1-2 serving portions that can then be easily thawed as needed
  • chop or grate fresh garlic and ginger (and other herbs) and freeze small amounts in an ice cube tray with a little water.  Once frozen, place cubes in a freezer bag and use as needed
  • freeze unused broth or stock in resealable freezer bags or freezer containers
  • when preparing recipes that call for marinating, double the amount of meat and marinade and freeze them separately for a future meal
  • keep packages of pre-sliced bell peppers, peas, squash, peeled shrimp and your family's favorite vegetables in the freezer for making a balanced meal on short notice
  • use only moisture proof wrapping like aluminum foil, airtight plastic containers and freezer bags
  • fill plastic containers almost to the top with stock or soup leaving room for expansion as it freezes but not so much that it holds excess air
  • wrap in double layers and be sure to push out as much air as possible before freezing
  • use a permanent marker to label package with contents and date
  • always thaw meat in the frig, vegetable can be thawed at room temperature
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