Saturday, October 8, 2011

Easiest Fudge Ever

1 16oz can frosting of your choice
1 12 oz bag of chips of your choice

(I used chocolate frosting and peanut butter chips)

Put frosting and chips in microwave safe bowl
microwave for 45 seconds
microwave for another 45 seconds
stir until smooth and well mixed
repeat if necessary
pour into lightly greased 8x8 pan
refrigerate until set

I found this while page hopping one day and write it down on a scrap of paper.  I decided to try it not really thinking it would work, so I do not know exactly where it came from, but to whomever posted this somewhere on Facebook.....thank you!  I do remember her saying that she did it with a white frosting and chopped up Andes mints, hmmmm!

Until Next Time.....

1 comment:

  1. Another easy one is
    one bag of creme drops
    one cup of peanut butter
    spoon or two of milk for creaminess

    microwave until melted and stir several times to mix well.

    yumm yumm