Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tool Tuesday - My Williams-Sonoma Spatula

I got this all purpose spatula at Williams - Sonoma after attending one of their free technique classes.  The instructor was using one....but the one she was using, the handle was all stainless steel and cost $5 more.  One of the things I've learned in doing all the research for my blog is that you're not supposed to use metal utensils in stainless steel cookware.  Which makes one ask, when can you ever use metal utensils?

I really love this one because you can get right up into the edges with the straight side.  Just like a good spatula gets all the cake batter off the bowl, this one does the same with whatever you're cooking. You can use it to separate things that have gotten stuck together, and it's still flat enough that you can flip some things with it too.

I might need to get another one....or two since I cook with it all the time now.  (Did you hear that Santa!?)

If you're looking for some kind of all purpose cooking tool, you can't really go wrong with this one.

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