Monday, December 5, 2011

Closet Organization

So I forget who said it (Stacey London?) but, "Dress for who you are now!"  I really, really didn't want to hear this.  So I, like quite a few women I know, had clothes hanging in 3 different closets throughout the house, but the amount of clothes that actually fit me, are in the pic above!  I got ruthless about cleaning out my closet one weekend.

As this is posting in December you might be thinking, you want me to clean out a closet when I've got Christmas or Chanukah to worry about?  Yes, especially if you're having house guests so your closets aren't all cluttered, and because you will feel better about yourself.  We all know there can be a lot of holiday guilt about many things floating around.  I don't have time to go into how you've got no reason to be feeling guilty, but anyway, yes do it now and you'll feel great!  But save the things you're getting rid of in bins if you are planning to have a yard sale this spring....more about that later....or if you want a last minute tax deduction, get those donations into Goodwill this month.

Here's what I did.  I took everything out and laid it on the bed.  That way I was forced to finish.  I put like things in piles.  All the tanks here, all the pants there, etc.  Then if you're not sure, start trying things on.  If it's really close to fitting, put it in a maybe pile.  If it fits and you still like it AND have something that goes with it, hang it back in the closet.  If it doesn't fit, put it in the bin for later or mark it on the list for Goodwill and put it in a bag.

Now grab the maybe pile.  Ask yourself the hard questions.  Have I been trying to lose 10 pounds for a year now and not getting anywhere....give it away!  Or I'm only 2 pounds from my goal weight and this is slightly snug, but I love it and know I'll wear it again soon.....maybe keep it.  I really love this, but it doesn't go with anything I have, and I would have to buy something just to have one single thing it goes with.....get rid of it!  You get the picture.

This sounds like a ton of work, but with the right mindset, you'll fly right through it, and trust me, if you're honest with yourself, you will feel so much better when you are done.  Not to mention gain some closet space!

Then when hanging stuff, keep like things together.  I go tanks, to short sleeve, to long sleeve, to pants that way all the short things are hanging next to each other so I have more space underneath of them. This pic is bothering me because I forgot to move my sweaters do as I say not as I photograph!

More about organization coming soon....and I'm really excited about it.

Until Next Time.....

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