Thursday, November 3, 2011

Photo Contest - Multiple Winners!

This contest will have multiple winners!  There will a grand prize of a Quick Chef from Tupperware (red) and then the next top Five will get a Reusable Tote from Tupperware with a surprise inside. That's 6 giveaways all together!!!!  The Quick Chef is a manual food processor.  It comes with a blade for chopping, a paddle for mixing, and a funnel for adding ingredients. a $52.50 value!

Five lucky winners will get one of these totes with a plastic bottom insert for durability and inside will be a surprise!  You might find any of the following: recipe cards, seasoning mix, smidget, citrus peeler, funnel, flour/sugar scoop, lid brush, cheese spreader, key chain, snack cup, banana keeper, sandwich keeper, or a small pick a deli!

This one is soooo easy!  All you have to do is enter a photo....or multiple photos.... of something you have used from the blog.  I'll be perfectly honest, this is also helping me out.  I lost a whole set of pictures somehow and then there were a couple of things I never got a picture of  because I just didn't think about it.  If I use your photo you will get full credit on the post!  Simply "like" the Facebook page and then post your photo to the Facebook wall and then comment on it as to what post it goes with and what you are doing etc. And tell us where you are from in those comments as well.  I love seeing how things are different in different parts of the world!

Take a picture of you.....
cleaning out your pantry
doing any of the cooking on a budget series, maybe you are shopping at the store, etc.
following any of the crock pot tips
using hash brown potatoes in a recipe
at water aerobics
using foods for arthritis, etc.
or any of the recipes...ESPECIALLY ones I don't already have a photo for, such as
vegetable casserole
breakfast pizza
greek pasta
corn and bean chili
cowboy soup
turkey and wild rice casserole
country style pork ribs
king ranch chicken casserole
italian pork chops
apple brown betty
swiss steak
steak and potato soup, etc
and any of the ones posted all the way up to the winner announcement!

I am sooooo looking forward to this one!  I love getting the comments that people like what's on the blog, but I'd love to see people putting the things into action!  Can't wait to see what you've got.  Remember, you can enter as many photos as you like.

To win, you must have "liked" the Facebook page and you must own the picture you are submitting and you allow Frugal Franny to use it on this blog with credit going to you.  No pictures will be used by Frugal Franny other than on the Facebook page or blog or if I link the post someplace, but the post photo will have the credit given to you. The winners will be announced Wednesday November 23, 2011. So you have until Midnight Eastern time on 11/22/2011 to get your photos in.

Until Next Time.....

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